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Hazelrise - young warrior of ThunderClan

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Hazelrise - young warrior of ThunderClan  Empty Hazelrise - young warrior of ThunderClan

Post by Roo12 on 01/01/16, 10:48 am

Hazelrise - young warrior of ThunderClan  GW690H518

~ Name ~
Hazelkit :: Hazelpaw :: Hazelcharm Hazelrise

~ Age ~
36 moons

~ Clan ~

~ Rank ~

~ Mate ~

~ Crush ~

~ Kits ~

~ Personality ~
Hazelrise was born and raised in ThunderClan, though his upbringing wasn't entirely traditional. He is a charming, friendly, bright and kind-hearted tom, but he is often prone to impatience and hot-headedness. Despite having suffered a lot of loss during his very young years, he has always had friends and other clan members to fall back on, which has moulded him into a moral, humble, loyal clan cat who trusts and protects his clan with every fibre of his being.
Because he was raised by the elder, Spiderfur, his head has been filled with the stories and legends of the clans since kithood. He still maintains a heart-warmingly powerful family connection with the elders of ThunderClan, and can often be found in the Elders' Den during his time-off; his affection towards them also means that, unlike many of the rules (that more often than not serve only to get in to way of his plans and adventures), the rule of feeding the elders before warriors and apprentices is incredibly important to him and enforces it among the apprentices whenever he gets the chance.
Hazelrise is popular amongst the clan. This is down to his laid-back, fun attitude and his capability as a warrior. He's a flawed hunter and not the greatest fighter, but his keen instincts he received from his father makes him an excellent tracker.
However, despite his usual outgoing nature, he often has days of being extremely quiet and introverted. On days like this, he prefers wandering the forest by himself or sitting in a quiet spot, where he can be alone with his thoughts.

~ Appearance ~
Hazelrise is a young golden-brown tabby tom. His fur is marginally longer than that of other cats, and is streaked with dark charcoal-brown stripes.
His face is a handsome one. He has large, green-blue eyes that are circled by dark rings around his eyelids. His nose is dark pink lined with black and his ears are large and tipped with the same charcoal-brown colour as his stripes. He has fairly long white whiskers, which help him with tracking and sensing prey and danger.
Hazelrise has good build for a warrior, even though he was fairly puny as a kit. He is muscular but slim, meaning he is quick as well as strong and good at climbing trees (though he is quite clumsy at the same time).
His lower legs, underbelly, and the spots above his eyes are white. His paws are large with black pads and medium-sized white claws. His tail id fairly long, making his balance good, and tipped with a charcoal-brown and a white strip after that.

~ Eye hue ~
Blue-green in colour

~ Biological Family ~
Mother: Pebblechase - deceased
Father: Buckthorn - not around
Siblings: Bluekit (sister), Puddlekit (brother), Nutkit (sister) - deceased
Grandparents: Sparrow and Gale (father's side) ; Coalstripe and Minkflight (mother's side)

~ Adopted Family ~
Father: Spiderfur
Sister: Larkpaw

~ Backstory ~
Hazelkit was born into ThunderClan as one of a littler of four. His parents were Pebblechase, a plain-looking but rather pretty silver she-cat, and Buckthorn, a newly accepted, handsome brown tabby traveller who had joined ThunderClan after he had met Pebblechase. His only memories of his father were of him lying among Hazelkit and his siblings, telling them all wild stories of his travels, for one day Buckthorn was scouting far off the territory, planning to return in one or two weeks. In that time, a severe Greencough outbreak gripped the territories, and soon a great number of cats in the forest were dying of the illness. At the peak of the disease, Pebblechase and Hazelkit’s three siblings, Bluekit, Puddlekit and Nutkit fell ill with Greencough and died. Buckthorn never returned without the grief-stricken Hazelkit knowing why. As the whole of Hazekkit’s remaining family was either dead or not around, his grandparents' closest friend, Spiderfur, an elder, took it upon himself to raise his StarClan friend’s last grandkit.
He lived in the Elder’s Den, listening to their stories of past battles and journeys that only fed his natural sense of adventure. When he was an apprentice, Hazelpaw trained hard under the mentorship of Bitterstar during Halloween’s rule over ThunderClan. He and Bitterstar were incredibly close, and the apprentice trained hard under her guidance and soon was given his warrior name of Hazelcharm. He never liked it all that much as it was given to him by Halloween, who carried out ceremony sarcastically and disrespectfully. He of course hated Halloween for imprisoning his clan and often challenged the dark tom out of spite. Nevertheless, the young tom always managed to keep upbeat, charming, fun and loyal, and eventually, when Halloween left, the new leader Sunstar gave him a new name: Hazelrise.
Then one day, during a solo scout around the territory borders after heavy rain to check the scent marks, Hazelrise saw a kit being washed away down the river that separated ThunderClan territory and RiverClan. He dove into the water and dragged the little grey she-kit out with him and took her back to camp. The kit, named Lark, said she wasn’t from any clan, so she was adopted by Hazelrise as a little sister and ThunderClan and became Larkkit, eventually becoming Bitterstar’s next apprentice as Larkpaw until the warrior’s death.
When Bitterstar left him to join StarClan, Hazelcharm took it hard. His usually positive personality faded and he has never really been the same; he is still fun to be around, but carries a much more stoic and mature air about him than before. You could say the shock of her death made him grow up into adulthood.
Nowadays, Hazelrise strives to grow into one of the finest warriors in the forest, and his dedication and ferocity in battle certainly supports this. He is a loving brother to Larkpaw and his clan.

Hazelrise - young warrior of ThunderClan  Sunsta12

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