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Mochapaw of ShadowClan (MCA) Empty Mochapaw of ShadowClan (MCA)

Post by *Smoke* on 01/01/16, 08:54 pm

 Character Name:


Character Age:
12 Moons


Medicine Cat Apprentice

Personality: Long Description
Mochapaw is a very headstrong feline, always having her hazel eyes set on some type of goal. Although, she has many sides in her personality and so these objectives can finish in many varying ways. She has mostly good-natured parts, it is a bad idea to get on one of her negative ones. It is hard to get on these, yet very easy to do so. A cat has nothing to worry about as long as they do nothing to aggravate her.
This medicine cat is very tense around strangers and will not enjoy talking to cats she has no history with. If she believes she knows them well enough to call them her friend, she will be easy-going and good-humored with the cat. Or if she is in the proximity of a stranger with a friend by her side, she will be in the middle of these two.
Mochapaw is a quick learner, picking up ideas and understandings much quicker than the normal cat. She can easily get frustrated or annoyed if she cannot figure something out by herself or is offered help by another cat. She is independent in her mind, and she believes that sometimes getting help is an intrusion of the imagination. This has caused her to be admired and believed to be very smart and quick-witted by many in the forest.
She is usually very optimistic -though she is a realist- and loves a good joke even in difficult times. When she wants, her day can be nothing but fun and play. She might be a medicine cat apprentice, but she still enjoys a good game of *Tails.
But when the moment is serious, so is she. She loves having a good time with her friends, but stays serious with those that are not in her close circle of companions, especially cats from other clans. She is respectful of those older than her and of higher rank than her and will be polite and courteous to them.
Mochapaw is a creative story-teller and is known for her tall tales about life. It is rare for her to use reality in her anecdotes. She believes life would be more enjoyable and excitable if things were at times random and unique in good ways.
A certain ring of authority surrounds Mochapaw , obvious even to the oblivious. Even when she isn't being the most grave cats seem to lean in a bit to listen to her words. Though her age isn't very grand, cats seem to want to hear her speak.
Mochapaw is typically caring to all, but she is highly protective of her clan. To those who hurt her or her accomplices she will gladly rip to shreds, and she will win the fight. She is driven by those around her, and if that factor were taken out of her life, she would be lost and unable to continue being the way she is; reliable, loyal, kind, persuasive, and compassionate.

Personality: Traits

Takes Initiative

Personality: Mental Disorders

Personality: Likes/Dislikes
+New Ideas
+Creative Thoughts
+Unique Suggestions
+Coming Out on Top
+Creating/Telling Stories
+Newleaf Breezes
+Mysterious Commodities
-Over Bluntness
-Being Yelled at
-Painful Memories
-Harsh Leafbares
-Being Bossed Around
-Being Helped

Appearance: Picture(s)
Mochapaw of ShadowClan (MCA) Shinin11

Appearance: Long Description
Mochapaw is a light-to-dark brown tabby she-cat. Her tabby streaks are almost black, much similar to the tip of her tail. Otherwise her pelt is a light, russet brown. She has strong, shining hazel eyes that often gleam green when she is in a positive mood. The edge of her muzzle is a soft white, and her nose is a soft peach-tinted pink. Her whiskers are white along with the rest of her facial thin fur. She has a lean build, not very bulky but not very thin either. Her muscles are only partially developed due to her training as a medicine cat and not a warrior. She is of average height and length for her age. Also, she isn't the most beautiful she-cat in the clans, but she is considered to be good-looking.

Appearance: Scars
Mochapaw has few visible scars, but there is one on her hind-right paw and her left shoulder.

Social: Gender Preference

Social: Current Crush

Social: Current Mate

Social: Current Family
Father: Gustwind
Mother: Spottedfeather
Brothers: Willowfang, Jayfoot

Social: Current Offspring

Social: Old History
Mochapaw was never really too special in her life. She was born, and was a normal kit until Pride had come to camp. She quickly befriended the rogue, and had grown closer to her denmate Eaglekit in the process. She soon realized that her destiny was to become a medicine cat, and became known as Mochapaw along with Pride and Eaglekit with their names changed to Pridepaw and Eaglepaw.
The three apprentices had many adventures together; they fought off a fox, survived a trek through the Dark Forest, and she and Eaglepaw even fell in love. Though she had rejected him due to her duties as a medicine cat apprentice, and he had been hurt badly by it, she still has deep feelings she easily recognizes still as love.
After their journey from a landscape from Pridepaw's mind where his family resided and through the Place of No Stars, Mochapaw had earned her new name as medicine cat Shiningspirit. The entire name change had surprised her, but she grew to love her name. She could not imagine her life being any different right now.

Btw, her name will not be Shiningspirit ever again. I'm open to suggestions on that.

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