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Mistlepaw of RiverClan

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Mistlepaw of RiverClan Empty Mistlepaw of RiverClan

Post by Roo12 on 05/01/16, 05:41 pm

Mistlepaw of RiverClan 5189325147_b8916088e9

Character name:

Mistlekit - Mistlepaw - Mistleleaf



Character age:

6 moons







Personality: (Long Description)
Mistlepaw is rather shy and quiet, though when she gets to know you she can be real fun. She loves to run and play and enjoys meeting new cats, though she isn't very good at it as she is very shy. She is a quick learner and adores training and her mentor, Sagevine. Mistlepaw is very kind and considerate and always knows exactly what to say to cheer you up and brighten your day. And that (along with the fact that she is unbelievably cute) makes her a favorite among the other cats within the clan.

Appearance: (Long Description)
Mistlepaw is quite small for her age. She has short but fluffy white fur patched with pale ginger splodges. Her eyes are big and blue and very endearing. Her pads and nose are bright pink with dark freckles. Her whiskers are long and white. Though in general Mistlepaw is a very pretty, her tail was injured on the Thunderpath when she was a kit, leaving it with a crooked bend mid way up her tail, which she has always been embarrassed about.

Mental Disabilities:

+ Learning, Sagevine, playing with others, making new friends, being helpful, making others feel better/laugh
- Boredom, feeling lonely, upsetting others

Mistlepaw's parents left their city home to find a new life in the woods and hills of the countryside. Sadly, on the journey to the clan territories ,Mistlepaw's mother, Clover, and oldest brother, Noah, perished on the Thunderpath. Her father fled the scene in horror and his remaining kits, Mistletoe, Pride and Lark got separated and ended up in different territories.

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