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The New Era
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Hi i'm new!

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Hi i'm new! Empty Hi i'm new!

Post by Moonwing on 23/08/16, 02:44 pm

Hi! I'm Moonwing! I'm new so any help counts! Bye!


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Hi i'm new! Empty Re: Hi i'm new!

Post by Roo12 on 24/08/16, 05:36 am

Hi Moonwing, great to meet ya! Welcome to The New Era. I'm Roo, one of the moderators here, so I'm the person to ask if you need help, (though everyone here is super helpful). The first thing you'll need to do is make a character in Character Creation by filling out one of these forms:

The site's in a bit of a weird place at the moment. We're currently trying to get a site-wide plot going, but there's been a bit of a bout of absences recently, so the place is a bit dead. But fear not! Once you create a character form you and I can rp if you like :3


Hi i'm new! Sunsta12

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