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  1. *Smoke*
    Humor : Wibbly wobbly timey wimey.
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    Rank: Administrator
  2. -»༺cяyρтCяyѕтαlѕ༻«-
  3. Feralclaw
    Humor : I'm the only one who has truly awoken on my other forum.
  4. Kitty
    Humor : I'm not funny. I won't try to be. My jokes are rumored to cause people sudden death.
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    Rank: Moderator
  5. megarin
  6. Roo12
  7. Silvertalon
    Humor : I'm humorous when I'm not even trying to be
  8. StoneWolf387
    Humor : What does the fox say? Friend: *Makes Dinging noises* Me: Why would he say that?
  9. Thistlestar
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