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The New Era

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The New Era
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The Cluttered Haven

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The Cluttered Haven Empty The Cluttered Haven

Post by Lou 01/01/16, 12:30 pm

You poke your head into the dark den, inhaling musky scents of earth and an almost nauseating mixture of herbs and other plants. Your eyes haven't adjusted quite yet, but you're able to see vague, abnormal shapes in the gloom.

Something moves inside, with a strange shuffling gait.

You clear your throat softly, taking a few cautious steps inside. A mossball lays in your path, nearly causing you to trip. Now the shapes become clearer; it seems as though they are stacks of herbs and other medicinal items, piled high almost to the ceiling. Various other plants are scattered haphazardly around the floor.

Suddenly a pair of bright green eyes light up in the dark, catching the sunlight from outside. You take a step back as the eyes move closer, revealing themselves to be attached to the face of a black and orange tortoiseshell tom. The shuffling noises surely must have come from him, for he appears to only have three legs.

"Hello." he mews, moving closer to sniff you in a calm manner. "Did you need something, or were you just stopping to visit?"

"...My name is Hobblefoot, in case you didn't know. WindClan's one and only medicine cat. Who are you?"

Post here if you need to request Hobble for anything!

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