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Followers of Sabine ~ LifeClan

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Followers of Sabine ~ LifeClan Empty Followers of Sabine ~ LifeClan

Post by *Smoke* 06/03/16, 03:30 pm

This is an announcement straight from Sabine.
Please do not post character forms in reply to this.
Please do not begin playing your LifeClan cat until it is accepted by Smoke.
Please stay realistic with the type of cats that would join this Clan.
Any questions may be asked about LifeClan in this thread.
Thank you.


Followers of Sabine ~ LifeClan Lifecl10

Hello everyone.
Life is an undeniable cruelty, but it is also a gift. One we should seize and never let go. Many of us have been deprived of what we deserve, and have been forced to live in terrible conditions. I see those in my fellow species starving on the sides of the road, no other feline bothering to help them. Dying of disease, becoming feral, giving up.
I say it is time to change this. Join me and together we will work for a beautiful existence. Follow me into LifeClan.

How does one become a part of LifeClan?
Make a character form in the Character Creations board, saying the name of the cat as well as 'LifeClan' in the title. Wait for Smoke to accept the form, and then if you wish you may have a thread set up by Smoke to role-play your cat joining LifeClan.

What is LifeClan?
LifeClan is a new clan created by Sabine that aims to lead a better life. It is also a part of Sabine's revenge plan on the four clans.

Who is Sabine?

Does everyone have to have a cat in LifeClan?
No. It is optional, but encouraged!

What character form should members fill out?
Any kind of form, as long as it is at least basic.

When will the undecided forest clan be driven out by LifeClan?
Once the clan is a decent size. That is also when the voting for the undecided clan will close.

LifeClan is about taking initiative. To do that, we must join together... or face death.

Sorry for being so absent recently guys. A lot has been going on, but I'm back now.

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