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The New Era
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Starlingpaw of ShadowClan

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Starlingpaw of ShadowClan Empty Starlingpaw of ShadowClan

Post by Searisha 28/12/16, 07:40 pm

Starlingpaw of ShadowClan 7e23488d0ac942cebf2825b49ee8f99a
                               Starlingkit - Starlingpaw - Starlingfall


                                                               10 moons


                                                         Family: she remembers from seconds after she was born, a sibling, not only does she remember them, but she remembers seeing them being mauled and torn up by her father. She remembers nothing apart from their gruesome death.

                                                              Friends: N/A

                                                          Enemies:  all neglectful parents



Starlingpaw is a  beautiful, elegant she-cat which shows in her light-green eyes. On her light-grey pelt there are dark-grey tabby markings. The stripes run all over her body apart from her underbelly, paws and muzzle. The stripes switch from going vertically and horizontally depending on the part of her body. Her chest, underbelly, tip of tail, and paws are a bold white which is occasionally mixed in with the light-grey of the rest of her body. Very rarely, a little bit of very ,very light red/brown pops up around the chest. Her nose is a dark red/pink which descends on light-grey lips.

Starlingpaw has a small yet strong build. She is about the right size for her age, only the slightest bit smaller. Her strong and thin claws help her carry her small body up trees with easy and her paws launch her powerfully into battle.

                                                 Personality (Long Description):
Starlingpaw is a very intelligent, sharp and witty cat. She always has something ready to say if she is insulted or teased. She also happens to be very open to giving others a piece of her mind, to let them know she isn't to be messed around with.
Starlingpaw is always very brave, prepared to do anything to help her clan or a clanmate.  She is very selfless, for example, even if her death were to be caused she wouldn't think twice if it were to help someone else.
This cat is a very determined cat, always wanting to prove to her clan that she is worthy of being part of the clan, to prove that she will always be loyal, no matter what.
Occasionally her sharpness will get her into trouble for being perhaps dis-respectful, even to the ones she respects most, or churlish.
Along with trying to prove herself to the clan, she wants to feel accepted, like she was a clan-born cat, more than anything she wants somebody to be proud of her.
When she is out of training or finished doing her duties she will let all her troubles go and finally let herself be happy, playful, and act like a kit again, her inner-child. If you get to know her well enough, you will see a very kind, sweet, shy cat underneath her tough shell; intact, the elders have even compared her to the legendary Silverstream.

                                 Personality Traits: Sharp
                                                                (underneath everything else) cheerful
                                                              low self-confidence

                                 Likes/Dislikes: +working hard
                                                         + mouse
                                                         +cats with different opinions to her so she can debate with them
                                                         + battle training
                                                         + dawn patrol
                                                         - cats who don't have any opinions
                                                         - dis-loyal cats
                                                         - fish
                                                          -wasting time

                                     Mental Disabilities: has constant nightmares and occasional flashbacks to her sibling's death

                                             Theme song: Young God by Halsey (not because of what the lyrics are saying, but because I can just imagine Starlingpaw making an entrance, or even just walking, with this song in the background perfectly!
Starlingpaw was found at the entrance of the ShadowClan camp, in the middle of the night,  as a newborn, freezing and starving to death. There was no sign of her parents anywhere apart from their scent leaving the territory. The clan assumed that one of her parents (her mother presumably) had been a kitty-pet, with owners not wanting kits. Seeing that her mother couldn't take care of her and her father was probably a rouge wanting nothing to do with his kit, they abandoned her, making her someone else's problem. No matter how hard she tried, Starlingpaw can't remember a thing about them. Ever since then she couldn't help but feel unwanted, no matter how much she loved her clan and her clan loved her. From the moment she became an apprentice, every night she leaves camp and wanders around the territory, commemorating the moment she was brought to Thunderclap, wondering her parents would ever come back to see how she was doing.Starlingpaw is also known for having trust issues, due to the abandonment from her parents. Not only does she have trouble trusting others, but she has trouble trusting herself, believing that if her parents didn't want her then there must be a reason, and not knowing what that reason was or is, troubles her.

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Starlingpaw of ShadowClan Empty Re: Starlingpaw of ShadowClan

Post by Searisha 01/01/17, 09:20 am

Hi guys, I'm looking for a mentor for her and some friendly rps!

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