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The New Era

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The New Era
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Snowfang of Windclan

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Snowfang of Windclan Empty Snowfang of Windclan

Post by Silver 26/01/17, 03:37 am

Name: Snowfang / Snowpaw / Snowkit
Age/Gender: 18 Moons / Shecat
Rank/Clan: Warrior / Windclan
Appearance: A light brown tabby furred she-cat with long, fluffy fur. She has a rather large size for a cat. Her toes are white, as well as her muzzle, in between her eyes, tail tip, underbelly and chest. She has light, mint green eyes and a pink nose.
Personality: Snowfang is a very honorable she-cat and seems to be liked and favored for this trait of hers. Adding along to that, she's very honest, making her a honorable cat. Although she may have these positive aspects, she has negative sides as well. Snowfang can be lazy, and usually despises getting up for dawn patrols and known for sleeping in a lot. Snowfang has a way through her laziness and is manipulative, making people do what she wants and resulting in her bossy behavior.
Fighting 6/10
Hunting 7/10
Running 5/10
Climbing 9/10
Swimming 2/10
Herbs 1/10
Stamina 6/10
Memory 4/10
Logic 8/10
Family/History: Her mother was named Icetuft and her father was named Bramblewind, they both grew up in Windclan and were very loyal to it. Thie resulted in them teaching their kits to despise other enemy clans and boast in pride over there's. Snowfang has a sister named Morningfeather and a brother named Gorseclaw. They all lived, learning to boast a lot, resulting in them receiving very little friends. Once apprentices, they were under the teaching of their mentors. Snowfang and her siblings learned the ways of the clans, and to respect others not just Windclan cats. Once warriors, they lived a great life from then on.
Fears: Being forgotten
Goals: Strength
Random Fact: Scared of insects
Likes: to be loved

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