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The New Era

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The New Era
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Post by megarin on 30/04/13, 06:32 pm

The Character Gallery!

{Meg's Wonders} Birdki11
Name: Birdpaw
Age: 6 moons
Appearance: Extremely tiny black she-cat with a white speck on her chest the shape of a bird and clear blue eyes
Rank: Apprentice
Other: Snakepaw's sister; Killer's half-sister


{Meg's Wonders} Pearlm10
Name: Pearlmist
Age: 24 moons
Appearance: Grey and white she-cat with grey eyes
Rank: Warrior
Other: Skyheart's sister



{Meg's Wonders} Bumble11
Name: Bumblestar
Age: Young adult, considered young for leader
Appearance: Grey / orange tabby tom with dark brown / orange eyes
Rank: Leader
Other: Very badly scarred; Windpipe damaged; Odd sounding rough voice; Has trouble hunting, expressing his feelings, and speaking; Smokewhisper's mate; Father to Stripekit, Flightkit, and Moonkit

Name: Flightkit
Age: 3 moons
Appearance: Grey / orange tabby tom with a brown / orange right eye and blue left eye
Rank: Kit
Other: Stripekit's and Moonkit's brother; Smokewhisper and Bumblestar's kit


{Meg's Wonders} TabbySiameseCat
Name: Cotton
Age: Young adult
Appearance: Siamese / tabby with crystal blue eyes
Rank: Medicine Cat
Clan: Bloodclan
Other: Was originally Bloodclan Medicine Cat by force; STill doesn't care much for Bloodclan; Semi-dislikes Clans; Has lived practically everywhere; Knows more herbs then any Clan or Tribe cat; currently kidnapped by the Malum



{Meg's Wonders} Belle10
Name: Belle Cauchemar
Age: 24 moons
Appearance: Black she-cat with a red tint and golden eyes
Rank: Warrior
Other: Former french kittypet; speaks French and English; name means Beautiful Nightmare


{Meg's Wonders} Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTR0YhedU9SN9uN3VTNEPwr_7N5oRiYL3WFUdaHpPx9RY0pAsbm
Name: Lilly
Age: Unknown
Appearance: Mostly white she-cat with calico splotches and soft yellow / green eyes
Rank: Kittypet
Other: Layla's sister; Lives with Millionaire Twolegs

{Meg's Wonders} Lila
Name: Rain
Age: Unknown
Appearance: Grey tabby with buff muscles, scars, and redish eyes; Zig-Zagged tail (short and broken in more then one place)
Rank: Rouge
Other: Stingpaw's and Cotton's father (Stingpaw remembers him, Cotton doesn't; from different mothers); Cruel; Dead

{Meg's Wonders} Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQR81uJGOGsh-Cmtt_oe_t-hGbNXbT6AfCgZiUsCQDqcPtwuAYG
Name: Snow
Age: Unknown
Appearance: White with dark markings (Siamese) and blue eyes
Rank: Kittypet
Other: Cotton's mother

{Meg's Wonders} Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRTy4xkFwMxzHLO0QOWxA5rqnifdQnHQ3l007nLTeTteH41HJXCMA
Name: Ginger
Age: Unknown
Appearance: Orange tabby she-cat with green eyes
Rank: Rouge
Other: Deceased; killed in Twoleg fox trap; Stingpaw's mother; Knows Stingpaw as Bumble

{Meg's Wonders} Siamese-Cat%2BSiamese%2BCat%2B-%2BKitten
Name: Cotton's Unknown Brothers
Age: 17 Moons
Appearance: Just like Snow except they all have Zig-Zag tails (a Zig-Zag tail is when a cat is born with a short tail that is broken in multiple places)
Rank: Kittypets
Other: Snow and Rain's sons; Cotton's brothers; Stingpaw's half brothers; Each lives in a different Twoleg den but they all see each other sometimes


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