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Pack of Falling Shadows ~GUIDE~

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Pack of Falling Shadows   ~GUIDE~ Empty Pack of Falling Shadows ~GUIDE~

Post by Silverpool on 08/12/14, 07:20 pm

Pack of Falling Shadows
This pack is known for being extremely feared among the other packs around them. They are known for being ruthless unlike some other wolf packs in the area. The wolf pack lives in Greenland in the Northeast Greenland National Park. They live near the Pack of True Ice. They want the whole land to themselves and this causes some tension on their side. There, mostly snow is found all year round but there is time where some green vegetation shows through the frosted earth. Near the middle of the tundra is where they live, so there are cliffs and fields covered in snow around their land.


Alphess (Alpha female)/Alpha (Alpha male): These 2 are the rulers of the packs and give out orders. Their words are law and sometimes they order different rules separately instead of working by themselves. However, they do not entirely need to be mates to rule and are highly respected in the pack ranks. If disrespected, a punishment is given.
Alphess: Undetermined Alpha: Shade - by Silverpool

Betess (Female)/ Beta (Male): These wolves are in second in command are usually become the Alphess/Alpha of the pack if the current ones decide either to step down or die during battle. They are also highly respected and usually send out hunting/search parties if the needed be. If the Alphess/Alpha are away, they quickly take charge and are very trusted by the Alphess/Alpha.
Betess: Undetermined Beta: Undetermined

Deltess (Female)/ Delta (Male): They are the last part of the high ranks in this pack. They are just usually used to mostly keep order and keep the pack in check. They usually don't order others around much, and usually keep the peace along with the other packs. So calm wolves are needed for this rank. No matter they are peace keepers, they are still high ranks and respected.
Deltess: Undetermined Delta: Undetermined

Other ranks:

Soldiers: This is the most common rank in the pack where these wolves fight for the pack, they also hunt to feed the pack as well. These are made of skilled fighters and hunters so they are chosen wisely for everyone's protection. Also they are the ones who train the adolescents when they are old enough to watch a hunt.

Adolescents: This rank is only for the young wolves when they turn into their teenage years. At this point they are old enough to participate in a hunt, or they are ordered to just watch the hunt and learn from there. They are usually trained by a Soldier unless a higher rank decides to take one of them under their wing.

Pup's: They are the new members of the pack and are protected with the packs lives. Every member takes taking care of pups very seriously as they don't want any of them getting injured.

Elder's: Its what you expect from the name, they are old wolves who can no longer provide from themselves. If they did very well in the days where they could help the pack, they are rewarded with care and respect and are given food that is often caught everyday. If not, then they are usually shunned and put into the omega rank.

Omega: Outsiders, shunned. This is the one position you don't want to be in as it means you have done something to rid the pack of its trust for you. Omegas are the lowest rank in the pack and are usually mocked. However they do have one job, they usually keep peace in the pack and just talk to some wolves, if they decide to let themselves talk to a omega.

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Pack of Falling Shadows   ~GUIDE~ Empty Re: Pack of Falling Shadows ~GUIDE~

Post by Silvertalon on 02/03/15, 09:53 am

So can I join or is this rp kinda falling apart, cuz i already made my charecter

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